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Chuck & Linda's
Summer Vacation To
Crater volcán Villarrica, Pucón, Chile 2011
Lakeridge Lift Evac
Nordic Combine Junior Olympics
Century Riders
Snow Vehicle Concept (1924)
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Senior S&T 2009
Nutmeg Nordic Ski Training 2009
Chuck Boyd's 2008 K2 Presentation
Nordic Refresher 2008 - 2009
Aaron takes first place At the Eastern Division Student Seminar in OEC 2008
Senior EMM Class 2008
Regional Refresher 2007
Telemark Seminar 2007
MTR Class 2007
Snowboarder At The Handles 
Senior S&T 2007
Skier Enhancement Seminar 2007
Bird's Eye View, Regional Refresher 2006
Toboggan Enhancement Seminar 2006
Student S &T Training 2005
Toboggan Enhancement Seminar 2005
Nordic Patrol Race at Winding Trails
Skip Pops The Big Question
Telemark Enhancement Seminar 2005
CT Region S&T Re-cert 2005
Snowboard Enhancement Seminar 2005
 Student Seminar 2004
Regional Fall Refresher 2003

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