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Lakeridge Ski Patrol

Lakeridge is a beautiful gated community on 235 acres of protected forest preserve. They own their own small ski hill and lodge for use by their residents. They have one chairlift, seven trails, snowmaking and grooming.


Lakeridge management is looking for a small pool of patrollers who might be available to either help out on a holiday week, such as during President’s week, or at times when their regular patrollers are unable to patrol (illness, inclement weather, etc.).


Many of their patrollers live some distance from the area, so when Mother Nature blesses us with lots of the white stuff, their patrollers may be snowed in, unable to make the drive. If we could help them out with one or two patrollers so they could keep their area open, it would make a huge difference.


Oh, did we mention that they pay their patrollers?


If you would like to learn more, contact Skip Mudge for more information.



Visit their website for more information about Lakeridge and some great photos of their lodge and a glimpse of their trails. You may be surprised at what you see.

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