Alumni Program

An alumni member is a special registration category for patrollers who, for various reasons, decide to no longer provide emergency care or rescue services, but wish to continue their relationship with the National Ski Patrol. Alumni membership is available to anyone who has been registered with the NSP as a patroller or physician partner (above candidate) for one year.

The NSP created the alumni member category in 1977 as a way to facilitate contact wth former members and keep them informed of national events and activities. Today, there are over 4,500 alumni members affiliated with the NSP.

At the overall NSP level, Alumni enjoy most of the benefits of regular membership in terms of Pro deals, discounts and receiving Patrol Magazine, as well as voting in the National Board elections.

The advantages beyond that relate to the level of involvement that an Alumni wants to maintain with their former patrol, region and all the way up the chain to National level volunteer leadership and committee participation.

Each Alumni gets to decide how they want to stay connected. The transition from actively patrolling to Alumni does not need to be from doing all to doing nothing.  There are lots of options that allow alumni to be valuable contributors to the organization and satisfy their desire to help out, put skills that developed over a lifetime of patrolling and keep that feeling of community they loved about being a patroller.


Additionally, at all levels throughout the organization, Divisions, regions, sections and patrols host various alumni events and provide opportunities to stay connected to their patrolling friends. 

The list attached was created by your Alumni Advisors to help everyone understand the incredible resource your Alumni members can be.


Contact you Alumni Advisor for additional support, and to contribute your thoughts and ideas about the Alumni program.