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National Board Election

Voting for our NSP Board of Directors opens October 15 - December 1. Before then, eligible voters will have several opportunities to learn more about the candidates.

The Board of Directors runs NSP, so understanding who the Board candidates are is critical to the success of our organization. The Board is comprised of 13 members. Every year 4-5 members are elected. Five members will be elected this year. Board members serve three-year terms and can serve up to two consecutive terms.

You can read about the eleven candidates in their own words on the NSP website. Here, you will find each candidate's Resume and Application.

Meet the Candidates

You can also meet the candidates virtually through several Candidate Forums hosted by NSP Division Directors. The dates are:

  • Sunday, September 17 @ 2000 ET

    • Meeting ID: 651 208 8265​

    • Passcode: 55126

  • Sunday, October 8 @ 2100 ET

    • Meeting ID: 651 208 8265​

    • Passcode: 55126

  • Sunday, October 15 @ 1900

    • Meeting ID: 651 208 8265​

    • Passcode: 55126


To connect to the Zoom meeting, click here and click on the meeting date. All calls will be recorded and posted on the NSP website.

Do you have a question you'd like to ask of the candidates? Email your qquestion to

Information regarding how to join the forums is posted on the NSP website.

Following is the timeline for the 2023 election, as established in Article X of the NSP Bylaws: 

September 15 - Announcement of nominees selected by the Nominations Committee

October 15 - Voting opens 

December 1 - Voting closes

January 1 - New board members take office

How to Vote

The process may change this year, with our new website, so check back hear when you are ready to vote. Last year's process was:

  • Log in to

  • Click on the "2023 NSP Board Election" icon

  • Vote for up to five candidates

  • If you have any questions, or would like to talk about our choices, contact Skip Mudge.

Who should I vote for?

We can't tell you who to vote for. We recommend that you read the candidates' applications, resumes, and position statements and decide who you feel is best suited to lead the organization into the future. The Eastern Division Board (all 15 Region Directors) have evaluated all the candidates and strongly recommend the candidates listed below. Remember, this is your choice, so do your own research and make your own decision.

  • Liz Dodge (Pacific Northwest Division)

  • Deb Endly (Central Division)

  • Joseph "Butch" MacQueen (Eastern Division)

  • Lance Vaughn (Far West Division)

  • Jeff Wille (Rocky Mountain Division)

There are five open slots, and many highly qualified candidates. You can vote for one, two, three, four or five candidates. If you would like to discuss this, please contact Skip Mudge

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