Sure, you were probably HOPING there would be a treasure trove of administrative bylaws to read.  Well, this is where you will find them. Click the button below to download this exciting document.

Budgets & Other Things Financial

All the fascinating information about our yearly budgets.

Standard Liability Release Form

All NSP events (e.g., courses, clinics, seminars, etc.) require instructors, helpers, participants to complete this form.

Patroller Forms

Some forms that all patrollers should maintain throughout their patrolling career.

Senior Patroller Application

The forms and process for starting your Senior Patroller stage

Instructor Development

Are you interested in becoming an instructor in the NSP System? Here are some documents to start you off on your journey.

Patrol Leadership

For those tasked with assisting new members joining our organization, here are some resources and guides.​ 

OEC Refresher (Coming Soon)

There are always forms and documents you'll need for your upcoming refresher. Check back here for the most current.

  • Refresher Workbook ... check back later ...

  • Other really interesting stuff...

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