Open Positions

CT Region Awards Advisor

       "Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone"

                                                  G.B. Stern

Awards are important in a volunteer organization like ours. We are currently looking for someone to take on a key role in the region--the Connecticut Region Awards Advisor. This individual is not responsible for writing awards, but for managing the process for our region.


Duties include:

  • Communicating with the Region (educate the membership on Awards; alerting membership to upcoming due dates, etc.)

  • Managing/supporting local patrol Awards Advisors

  • Processing award applications (review, obtain signatures as needed, advance applications to the Eastern Division Awards Advisor)

  • Presenting and/or assisting in the presentation of Regional Awards


If you are interested, or would like to learn more about this position, please contact

Tim Appleton (860-922-1988; our current Regional Awards Advisor, or

Skip Mudge (860-604-7628; our Region Director


Senior Training Coordinator (STC)

The STC is responsible for running the region’s OEC Module of the Senior Program. He/she will work closely with the CT Region OEC Administrator. This individual will be responsible for:

  • Managing the Sr. OEC Trainer/Evaluators

  • Ensuring all paperwork has been properly completed and submitted

  • Managing all training clinics

  • Managing the final practical evaluation


You must be a Sr. OEC Trainer/Evaluator to apply for this position.

If you are interested, or would like to learn more about this position, please contact

Tim Appleton (860-922-1988; our current STC,

Peter Bayer (860-929-9143; our Regional OEC Administrator, or

Skip Mudge (860-604-7628; our Region Director

Region Administrative Assistant

The Region Administrative Assistant is responsible for some basic administrative tasks, including, but not limited to

  • Setting up regional meetings (physical and virtual)

  • Co-hosting meetings (managing technical issues, late attendance, questions, etc.)

  • Distributing meeting documents to participants

  • Writing, distributing and posting Meeting Minutes

If you are interested, or would like to learn more about this position, please contact Skip Mudge (860-604-7628;

National Board of Directors

The National Ski Patrol is one of the leading nonprofit organizations in the world because we are recognized as the premier provider of outdoor rescue education. You, the members of the organization, are what have given NSP such recognition. At the core of this organization is a volunteer Board of Directors (BOD) elected to serve a three year term. Each year, (per our by-laws) several seats become vacant and must be filled by well qualified, dedicated and forward thinking volunteer leaders. We need YOU to consider running for the National Board of Directors. This year we will be filling five vacating seats.

The 13 person Board of Directors is at the core of the leadership for the NSP, representing the entire membership. The Board is responsible for guiding the organization with the Strategic Plan 2030’s three core pillars: Programs; Brand Awareness, Identity & Value; and Technology and Infrastructure.

We need BOD candidates that will be understanding, empathetic, can stay focused, remain calm in the face of rapidly changing situations and be able to transition to a different course of action when the situation warrants. There are great unknowns such as COVID-19 and even climate control, and a board member must be able to respond. Are you that someone, or is there someone you know who fits the description of NSP’s next board member? If you answer yes and fit the description, meet the qualifications and have a willingness to serve, please apply and share in one of the most rewarding experiences imaginable, helping guide the National Ski Patrol into the future!

The final date to submit your full application to be considered for the 2021 BOD election is June, 1, 2020. 

Download the list of needs and the application here.

For CT NSP Regional  information contact:

Skip Mudge

For website information contact: