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CT Region Positions

Posted January 22, 2023

CT Region Housatonic Section Chief

The CT Region is looking for a new Housatonic Section Chief. The Housatonic Section includes Lakeridge, Mohawk, Nutmeg, and Sundown Patrols and is elected by a simple majority of the Patrol Representatives or equivalent, of the patrols in the Section. The term of office for the Section Chief is two years, which begins after the election during the Regional Spring Officers’ Meeting April 12, 2023. A Section Chief can be re-elected twice for a maximum of six (6) years (three, two-year terms)

The purpose of a Section Chief is to assist the Region Director with general leadership of the section along with any assignments the Region Director may devise for the good of the overall Section or Region. The Section Chief is expected to develop a working relationship with the patrol leadership within the Section and assist in any way possible to alleviate or correct patrol related problems, including possible meetings with ski area management/owner personnel. The Section Chief has a vote on any proposed Amendments to the CT Region by-laws. 

New Section Chiefs are expected to attend a “New Officers” training session which is held by the Eastern Division at its annual Spring Officers’ Meeting. Section Chiefs are expected to submit a written report pertaining to the scope of their activity and responsibilities for the past year to the Region Director no later than the Regional Spring Officers’ Meeting. Each Section Chief carries a vote as a delegate to the Eastern Division Spring Officers’ Meeting to represent their Section/Region in matters on which they are required to vote, matters such as by-law changes, dues increases, and budget approvals.

If you know someone who would be a good fit for the Housatonic Section Chief position, click to Nominate them. 

Eligibility per the Eastern Division By-laws:

1.5 Officer Eligibility. Only Active Members shall serve as elective officers of the Eastern Division and no officer shall hold more than one Eastern Division elective position.


Eligibility per the CT Region By-laws:

4.2     Eligibility for election and holding of the office of Section Chief shall be a minimum of five seasons of patrolling experience, have knowledge of NSP, Eastern Division and CT Region policies and procedures and if the Candidate has not achieved Senior Alpine, Senior Nordic, or Certified status, they must have demonstrated knowledge of NSP Programs. Each Section Chief shall maintain primary NSPS registration with a Connecticut Region Patrol.


Submit your nominations today!  Last day for nominations is March 31, 2023.

CT Region ORM Advisor

Are you interested in becoming the CT Region Outdoor Risk Management (ORM) Advisor? This is a new program, still in development. It is an opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor and bring this ever-important program to region. You will be working directly with our Eastern Division ORM Supervisor as well as our patrols.


“The mission of the ORM program is to increase patroller value by providing patrollers with depth-and-breadth appropriate risk management educational content, information, resources and skills that address the risks they may encounter in their daily patrolling activities.”


If you think you might be interested, contact Skip Mudge.

Paid Patroller Position: Pahquioque

Pahquioque Ski Patrol (Thunder Ridge Ski Area, Patterson, NY) has an opening for a full-time, paid patroller. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Jim Tully, Pahquioque Ski Patrol Director at 845-519-8677 ( You can also contact Human Resources directly:

Kathy McGrath


Thunder Ridge Ski Area

845-878-4100 x358 

Eastern Division Positions

Check back here for more Eastern Division opportunities. Program Supervisors are continually being promoted or simply term out (after six years for most positions).

Posted January 19, 2023

Assistant Treasurer Announced

I am very pleased to announce that Liz Fenner has just accepted a new position as the Eastern Division Assistant Treasurer. Dallas Coffman, Eastern Division Treasurer has been looking for an Assistant Treasurer for quite some time. When discussions began at the Eastern Division board meeting last spring, he stated that his first choice would be one of our 15 region treasurers. He continued on saying that one name came to mind, the CT Region Treasurer, Liz Fenner.  A formal search committee was formed and an extensive search ensued. 


Many candidates were carefully considered by the division’s Finance Committee (to whom our Treasurer reports). Her qualifications and Finance Committee’s endorsement were presented to ED Board of Directors and she was unanimously approved to be the Eastern Division’s first Assistant Treasurer.


Liz will continue to serve as our CT Region Treasurer.


Please congratulate Liz on this important appointment.

Posted August 26, 2022

Whiteface Seeking Patrol Director

Vero Piacentini, VP Operations for Olympic Regional Development Authority (Belleayre Mountain, Gore Mountain, Whiteface  Mountain) is looking for a new Patrol Director for Whiteface Mountain. Click here for additional information

Pahquioque Paid Patroller
ORM Advisor
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