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CT Region Leadership Development Program

We are launching a program to help develop future leaders in the Connecticut Region.

Why should I be interested?

  • I am curious about the regional structure, management and how it works.

  • I want to change the way our region runs; better support our patrollers, patrols and programs.

  • I want to explore opportunities beyond my patrol.

  • I want to have more impact at the region, division and/or national levels.

The big picture

  • CT region deserves the best. This means that our membership should have good choices when electing RDs, ARDs and Section Chiefs.

  • This will help us move forward with vision and purpose in a way that benefits all our patrollers, hosts, programs, and patrols.

How do I start?

Contact Skip Mudge ( We’ll talk about your interests, goals, questions and begin to put a plan together that meets your needs.

Still interested? Let's dig a bit deeper

The Connecticut Region is more than a collection of seven unrelated patrols, thirteen programs and a half dozen advisors/ancillary programs. We are all connected. We support one another. We are stronger together.

Success of the region, and progress—you pick the definition of success and progress—requires strong leadership that connects with region membership; has a vision for the future of our region that anticipates the needs of our membership; possesses the ability to develop plans to move the region forward; is able to articulate this to our membership, and generate excitement among key individuals in our region to help bring this vision into reality. This is very much a “team sport”. We succeed as a region when we all work together as a region. And this takes effective leadership. Our best days are ahead, and we are relying on future leaders to help us get there.

Purpose of the Leadership Development Program

The goal of this Leadership Development Program is to generate interest in serving the Connecticut Region in a leadership program. It should provide an entryway into regional leadership programs, encouraging and developing our future leaders. It will provide guidance and mentoring for those interested in serving a leadership position and allow patrollers to “take a peek behind the curtain”. It should answer questions such as, what is involved in leading the region? More importantly, it should prompt patrollers to think about what is possible, where the region should go and how to get us moving towards a better future.

This program should not be construed to be a pathway to region leadership. There is no set curriculum. No entry requirements. No end point or graduation. No certificates of completion. It is not a pre-requisite or requirement to run for a leadership position. We hope that it will encourage and prepare patrollers to take that next step into region leadership.

Program Overview

Job descriptions are written in terms of general responsibilities and scope of authority. They are somewhat vague. This enables us to be flexible, reactive, and more importantly, proactive, adapting and modifying our course of action based upon the current environment and needs of the region. So, the experiences of each RD, Alternate RD and Section Chief may be unique to the individual officer and the challenges facing the region at that time.

This is a new program and as such, we expect that it, too, will change to meet the specific needs of the participants at the time. We currently envision this as having two basic components.

  • Group discussions/panel discussions led by past and current regional officers. Each may lead a discussion; others will be there for support and to answer specific questions.

  • Individual, one-on-one mentoring. This should not be interpreted as meaning that a prospective candidate could only have one mentor. They should feel comfortable in seeking advice from anyone who can help guide them along the way.

Whois this for?

The target audience of this program is individuals who may be interested in becoming Region Director, Alternate Region Director, or Section Chief. This is an on-going program, not a course with a start and end date. Anyone who is interested in assuming a leadership position in the region at any time in the future is welcome to join at any time. This is not a pre-requisite to become a region officer.

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