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Outdoor Emergency Care

The NSP Outdoor Emergency Care Program is a flagship nationally recognized program. This is a first responder course and is the basis of the medical care we provide, whether it is in a snowsports environment, biking, rafting or any outdoor setting.


While we all teach to a common curriculum with the same written and skills evaluations throughout the entire NSP system, each patrol has total freedom to design and deliver the course to best meet the needs of the individual patrol and patrol candidates. Most of the patrols now utilize a mix of online/distance learning and in-person skills training. Regardless of the specific course, this demands a lot of studying and practice. OEC is positioned to be between EMR and EMT (although much closer to EMT) training. Reach out to any of our patrols for more details on course dates, and instructional methodologies utilized. 


For an interesting video on what our OEC courses may look like in these times of Social Distancing click here

OEC for EMTs and Paramedics
Current EMTs, advanced EMTs, and paramedics now have a fast-track to receiving an OEC technician card and joining NSP: patrollers and candidates who are also a current EMT, advanced EMT, or paramedic may receive an OEC technician card by passing the Modified Challenge course, which is comprised of the practical portion of the OEC exam. This course is available to be registered now and costs $60. If you wish to learn more about this option, please contact your patrol to find courses in your area.  

Upcoming OEC Candidate evaluations for 2022-23 Season

Note: Dates subject to change

  • Mohawk:

    • ​Written 11/5/22

    • Practicals 12/3/22

    • Contact Andrew Flint for details.

  • Pahquioque 

    • Written 9/7/22

    • Practicals 11/9/22 & 11/16/22

    • Contact Ken Joyce for details.

  • Powder Ridge

    • Written 11/30/22

    • Practicals (Skills & Scenarios) 12/17/22

    • Contact Nick Kornacki for details

  • Southington

    • Written 11/17/22

    • Practicals (Skills) 11/21/22

    • Practicals (Scenarios) 12/3/22

    • Contact Becky Mudge for details

  • Sundown

    • Practicals (Skills) 12/6/22

    • Practicals (Scenarios) 12/10/22

    • Contact John Henry or Peter Bayer for details  

  • CT Region YAP

    • Written 8/29/22​

    • Practicals 9/18/22

    • Contact Fallon Repeta for details

Outdoor First Care (OFC)

Outdoor First Care is a first aid course taught primarily to personnel at ski resorts and to other individuals who need a basic/introductory first aid course meeting the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines for workplace first aid. It is designed primarily for use in the NSP Mountain Host program, and is now available for other purposes as well. 

OFC teaches students how to recognize patient problems, manage life threats, conduct basic skills and call for help. The OFC provider may assist the patroller or higher medical provider as directed or allowed by area management.

OEC Enhancement Clinics

We run two clinics early in the season. You can sign up for either one, or both. These clinics are a great way to hone your skills in a small, hands-on clinic. Regardless of your experience level, you are bound to come away with a new technique or two. While we highly recommend current or potential Senior candidates attend these clinics, it is open to any OEC Technician, even those who are preparing for their Candidate OEC evaluations. We tailor the clinics to the needs of those who attend.

Dates and Time: Tentatively 12/4 and 12/17  2022            

Location: TBD

Fees/Costs: none

Pre-requisites: must be current OEC Technician

Contact: Peter Bayer

Attending both clinics will earn you one elective towards the Senior Program.

OEC Module of the Senior Program

Find all the information on the Senior Program here

More information is available at the NSP Eastern Region Website

For guidance in administering OEC Courses during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

   OEC Course Delivery during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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