Senior Program

OEC TEs: We will hold a TE recertification clinic for current TEs this fall, details to be determined.

Prospective TEs: Please stand by for further information regarding initial training clinics.

Are you ready to take the next step? The Senior Program will likely challenge you, but in an enjoyable way.  

Let's get started

  • The Senior Program first requires you to get your Patrol Director's approval. He/She will attest that you are a member in good standing, of the patrol, and that participating in the program is the right next step. You should have strong OEC and OET skills. His or her signature on the Senior application is the first step

There are three Senior Classifications: Senior Patroller, Senior Alpine Patroller and Senior Nordic Patroller.

Senior Patroller

This is for a patroller who will be primarily in the aid room. As such, this patroller must successfully complete OEC Module of the Senior Program, Aid Room Management Module, plus four Senior electives (see below).

Senior Alpine Patroller

The core components of this program are: OEC Module of the Senior Program, Alpine Toboggan Handling, Alpine Skiing or Snowboarding, plus three Senior electives (see below).

Senior Nordic/Backcountry Patroller

The core components of this program are: OEC Module of the Senior Program, Toboggan Construction and Handling, Nordic/Backcountry Skiing and Endurance,Mountain Travel and Rescue 2, plus two Senior electives (see below).

Program Clinic Dates

For dates of upcoming program clinics, visit the program page on this website (e.g., OEC, OET, etc.) as well as the region calendar.

Senior Electives

This list may change as new educational programs are created. At this time, per the NSP Policies and Procedures (P&P), these are the courses that are approved as Senior electives.

Education Courses

  • Instructor Development

  • MTR Fundamentals or MTR1

  • MTR 2 (required for Senior Nordic/Backcountry candidates)

  • Level 1 Avalanche Module 1

  • Level 1 Avalanche Module 2

  • Level 1 Avalanche Module 3

  • Level 2 Avalanche for Rescue Personnel

  • National Avalanche School didactic sessions

  • National Avalanche School field sessions

  • Snowsports Enhancement Seminar

  • Ski Trainer's Workshop

  • OEC Enhancement Seminar (two modules = one Senior elective)

  • ICS 100, 200 and 700 (all three modules = one Senior elective)

Leadership Courses

  • Patroller Enrichment Seminar

  • NSP leadership module

  • NSP instructor status (any discipline)

  • NSP instructor trainer appointment (any discipline)

  • PSIA or AASI Certified Level II or higher

  • BLS CPR instructor or instructor trainer certification (AHA,ARC, NSC, ASHI, MFA)

Full details of the Senior Program can be found in NSP P&P, Appendix G: Skills Development Program. As the P&P is frequently updated, it is best to download the current revision from Resources/Governance.

Another resource to learn more about the Senior Program is the Eastern Division Senior Program page here.