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Outdoor Emergency Transportation

Outdoor Emergency Transportation (OET)

This encompasses everything we do on our skis and snowboards as patrollers. At the candidate level, this training begins as soon as there is snow on the hill and runs throughout the ski season. We begin with basic ski/snowboard skills, introduce some skills unique to patrolling and then progress on to toboggan handling, such as delivering empty rescue toboggans to an accident scene and transporting injured patients down the hill. There is a lot to learn. And it is a lot of fun!

Every season, we brush off our sled handling skills and are re-certified in these key skills.

OET Instructor Clinic

For new and re-certifying instructors. OET instructors must complete this at least once every three years.

  • December 18, 2022: Mohawk Mtn; 0830-1530--NOTE: Due to weather, this has been postponed. Please check back. There have been a number of changes, so we WILL have an on-snow clinic this season.

  • Bring ski gear and lunch

  • Civilian Jackets, NO PATROL JACKETS

  • New instructors should bring mentorship paperwork.

Register in both of these courses in the NSP learning center (you'll receive details from Justin)

  • Snowsports Trainers Workshop

  • Continuing Education

Contact Justin Regan

Patroller School

Patroller School is a set of OET clinics to help us become better at these basic skills learn new techniques and refine our skills. These schools are held throughout the Eastern Division and are open to any alpine patroller. Some of these events include women's enhancement clinics, toboggan enhancement clinics, skiing, snowboard and telemark clinics. 

2024 Patroller School at Sugarloaf -- January 21-23, 2023

It has been a year since last year’s Patroller School at Sugarloaf was canceled.  We are ready for this year’s event.  With no foreseeable reason to cancel this year’s event I am expecting a great time.  Sugarloaf had increased its snow making 75%.  

We would love for you, your patrollers or patrollers that you know to attend Patroller School at one of the greatest mountains in the east.  Just follow the short cut below.


Outdoor Emergency Transportation | Eastern Division NSP -- Patroller School.


At this time there is no lodging at Sugarloaf’s Hotel this year.  It is booked because there are other events this weekend.  Feel free to check with the Hotel for possible cancellations.  There are other places to stay that are within 10 miles of the mountain.  Sorry!!!  The below is a link to the area motels, hotels and Inns.  If there is a group of you there is also Vrbo and Air BnB

Area Lodging | Lodging | Sugarloaf

OET Module of the Senior Program

Find all the information on the Senior Program here

Toboggan Enhancement Clinic

  • Date and Location TBD

Snowboard Enhancement

This program is designed to support the development of riding skills and toboggan handling techniques for snowboard patrollers. The goal is to elevate their professionalism through shared experience and increased awareness of the secrets of the "Boarder Patrol Underground". We strive to improve the ability of snowboard patrollers to serve the snow sports community with confidence and slope-side camaraderie.  


  • Riding assessment and suggestions

  • Riding techniques

  • Carving

  • Free form - whatever you want to do better

  • Bumps, if we have it



  • Empty Sled runs

  • Loaded Sled runs

  • Tail Rope

  • Bumps, if we have it.

The course is free. Contact Thomas Kim, and leave your name and Ski Area.

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Tentatively 9am - 3pm

Location to be determined: Ski Sundown or possibly Southern Vermont

For more information and to sign up, contact Thomas Kim  or 860-558-0188

Check out pictures below! 

Women's Enhancement Program

This is sometimes held as a stand-alone program, or as part of the Patroller School. The Women's Enhancement Program is a female-only clinic. Taught by women, for women. It is a comfortable, entertaining and enlightening event that is bound to have you coming back year after year.

Date and Location TBD

For more information, contact Cally Knight

2022 Snowboard Enhancement


2020 Snowboard Enhancement

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