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Certified Patroller Program

Are you interested in checking out the certified program or become a certified patroller? The program challenges you and gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and broaden your experiences at the highest level. Skills you will learn throughout the process are extremely beneficial to not only helping you in your patrol career, they are also an astronomical help in your professional career. Throughout the year, there are several intro to certified courses that anyone is welcome to sign up for. The test is also open to anyone who wants to watch. In most cases, there are over 150 patrollers observing the exam and seeing what it is all about.

The program consists of six modules.

1. Area Operations and Risk Management

Risk Management -- Candidates must demonstrate awareness of potential problems that can arise at a ski area, identify them, and provide solutions to eliminate them.

Patrol Management Interview -- Interview as a candidate applying for the position of Patrol Director.

2. Avalanche Management

Interview -- Test your knowledge of avalanche management.

Beacon Search -- You have five minutes to find two buried beacons.

3. Outdoor Emergency Care

Written Test -- 100 questions in one hour

Bystander Problem

Practical Problems -- three scenarios; one as lead; two as helper.

4. Lift Evacuation

Lift Evacuation -- explain and demonstrate the process of a lift evacuation.

Low Angle Rescue -- knot tying and the practical application of setting up a z-drag system.

5. Skiing

  • Crud Ski/Ride

  • Groomed Ski/Ride

  • Mogul Ski/Ride

  • Steep Ski/Ride

  • Snowplow

  • Sideslip

  • Equipment Carry

6. Toboggan

  • Unloaded Toboggan

  • Loaded Front

  • Loaded Ski/Ride Skills


For more information, visit or contact Justin Regan

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