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Avalanche Program

Do you ski anywhere else besides Connecticut, like Tuck's or the Adirondacks? Avalanches do happen here in the east, and if you plan to go out west, well that's the home of the avalanche dragon.

60% of people who are caught in avalanches die in them, to say nothing of living and getting injured. 90% of avalanches are started by the humans who get caught. If you are caught, you are going where the avalanche goes. That includes trees, crevasses, and cliffs. All the devices in the technical world won't save you from these.

As part of your skill set as a ski patroller, you should know how to recognize avalanche terrain, avoid avalanches, and deal with their consequences. Take an avalanche course!

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Connecticut Region: Avalanche L1 mod 1

The Avalanche L1 mod 1 course is a Senior Elective and serves as the first day of a three day Level 1 Avalanche course which must be held in avalanche terrain, at either Tuckerman Ravine, NH, Smuggler's Notch, VT, or Whiteface Mt, NY. Details of that will be explained at the course. The day before will the CT Region's MTR course with an overnight campout. Sign up for both courses and get two senior electives completed in one weekend.

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