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Instructor Development

Attention: All instructors must take online training before the new Learning Management System (LMS) will recognize them as current instructors.


There are two ways to accomplish this.

  1. Complete the "Instructor and Instructor Trainer New Course Workflows Training"

    1. Log into NSP Member website and click on the "Center for Learning" button​

    2. Click on "Browse Catalog" button

    3. On the left-hand side under "Browse by", click on Instructor and IT Trainings

    4. Click on the blue "Enroll" button next to "Instructor and Instructor Trainer New Course Workflows Training"

    5. Click "Launch" next to the training and complete the training

    6. View three short videos (total time 15 minutes)

    7. Once completed, within 24-hours, you will have access to the Course Registration Form in the online system.

  1. Attend one of the live instructor-led webinars offered by NSP Center for Learning t​eam.


Future Instructors!

If you have taken the online Instructor Development course, or are about to, that is fantastic! This is the first step in becoming an instructor. Once you have completed the online course, the next step is a "face-to-face" class in which you will review some of the key elements of the online course, present a short lesson to the group, and then launch into your mentoring and practice teaching. 

Successful mentoring starts with the ability to communicate concepts, thoughts and skills in a clear, succinct process. The Instructor Development Program is carefully crafted to provide excellent education based strategies with the goal of developing highly skilled, knowledgable and confident instructors.

Instructor Development is a hybrid course consisting of an on-line class followed by an in-person (or Zoom) class in which we will review some of the key points of the online and each instructor candidate will teach a short "mini lesson" utilizing the techniques and concepts taught in the course.

Part 1: On-line Course 

The on-line course is a self-paced 11-chapter course that you can do at your own pace, at your own convenience. Once completed, you will receive a certificate authenticating your study. You can find this course in the NSP Center for Learning ( 

Part 2: "Face-to-Face" Course

To complete the course, you will need to enroll in a face-to-face opportunity to demonstrate your ability to write and deliver a ten-minute lesson in a non-NSP topic. This course will also cover course administration procedures. The class is taught in a comfortable non-threatening environment allowing participants to try their "instructor skills" on for size.

Once completing the Instructor Development class, you will choose the NSP discipline you want to teach and set off with a mentor to help you navigate the delivery of the content to that topic.

Contact Michael Gajdosik about setting up, enrolling in, or designing a class for you and your patrol. 

For more information and access to Instructor Application, Mentoring Log, Evaluation Forms, Roadmap to Becoming an Instructor and other related documents, click here.

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