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Enhanced Patroller School


Date: Friday September 24th to Sunday September 26th

Location: Blue Mountain, 1660 Blue Mountain Drive, Palmerton, PA

Course #: to be published shortly

Course Lead: Jeff Baker

Contact email:

Cost: approximately $95


Program Description:

      This program is open to any patroller: candidate, Basic, Senior candidate, Senior, Certified candidate, Certified, Mountain Host .  In this very concentrated day we will cover the areas of OEC skills, Low Angle Rope Rescue, and Chair lift evacuation.  We will work on skills throughout the weekend and apply them on Sunday with an MCI drill where you will put those new skills to work.  This program counts as a Senior elective.

      The hallmark of this program is that every attendee brings something to the event, skills, life experiences, ideas, and questions.  We learn from each other.  We discuss skills, techniques, risk management issues, and look for ways to improve our patroller skills.  This program is hands-on with a focus of sharing knowledge.  OEC will work on refining our patient assessments, bandaging and transportation techniques.  Low Angle will practice how to set up a variety of  low angle rope rescue rigs.  Chair evac will practice various techniques for evacuating skiers and snowboarders out of a chair, and discuss the pros and cons of each of these techniques.

      There will be patrollers here from many different Regions, with different approaches to everything we do as patrollers.  You may very well see an idea that answers a question that your mountain has struggled with for years.  Our hope is that after attending this you will have learned some new ideas or techniques that you can take back to your area and share with your fellow patrollers.

       At the end of the day we will stage an MCI and put these skills to work, to rescue a number of injured persons.  Our OEC program is always fully moulaged for the realism, and that aids us as patrollers down the road.  There may be other realistic sound and visual effects used based on the drill requirements

       What to bring:

  • Yourself,

  • Camping gear.

  • an open mind

  • questions that you have always wanted to know relative to ski patrolling

  • Any gear you would like to use, whether it be chair evac or low angle, CLEARLY LABELED

  • your first aid pack with gloves, and disposable supplies

  • gear appropriate to the weather forecast

       What is being provided:

  • Food for the weekend is included in the course fee ( you are responsible for your own beverages)

  • We may ask you to show your culinary skills and bring a dish to pass

  • We are known for feeding the participants at this school, and if you go home hungry at the end of the weekend, it's your own fault.

  • a fun, positive, no pressure learning environment

  • answers to your questions

  • a chance to try gear and techniques you have never tried, didn't know existed, or hadn't thought to use.

Come prepared to get dirty, and maybe a little bloody (again fully moulaged).  Have fun, and come to learn.  This class will fill up quickly, so do not hesitate, register today!!  We look forward to seeing to you in September.



Tom Wallin

Swain Ski Patrol

We have a few clinics to enhance skills:

OEC Enhancement Clinics

We run two clinics early in the season. You can sign up for either one, or both. These clinics are a great way to hone your skills in a small, hands-on clinic. Regardless of your experience level, you are bound to come away with a new technique or two. While we highly recommend current or potential Senior candidates attend these clinics, it is open to any OEC Technician, even those who are preparing for their Candidate OEC evaluations. We tailor the clinics to the needs of those who attend.

Attending both clinics will earn you one elective towards the Senior Program.

Costs: None

Pre-requisites: None

Contact: Peter Bayer for more information 

Snowboard Clinic

To support the development of riding skills and toboggan handling techniques for snowboard patrollers. 

This two-day program, available to all patrollers in the Eastern Division, will feature several venues designed to meet the needs of the individual patroller.  Please check the calendar at to see when each of the events are being held.

Costs: Minimal to none

Pre-requisites: Alpine Patroller

Contact: Thomas Kim for more information

Women's Program

To is sometimes held as a stand-alone program, or as part of the Patroller School.  This program is a female-only clinic, taught by women, for women.  It is a comfortable, entertaining and enlightening event that is bound to have you combing back year after year.    Please check the calendar to see when it is offered.

Costs: Minimal to none

Pre-requisites: Alpine Patroller

Contact: Cally Regan for more information

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