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Burt Mitchell

Burt Mitchell.jpg

#13  Burt Mitchell

Patrol - Paquioque

Joined NSP - 1987

Inducted - June 10, 2017

This inductee to the Connecticut Region Hall of Fame has a long and distinguished career with NSP at all levels from candidate in 1987, earning Senior Alpine status in 1998, a National Appointment in 2002 all the way to National Board Chair from 2011- 2013.

He is an active patroller on both the east coast and west coast. He is active in Alpine, Nordic, MTR, Avalanche and OEC training programs. He is an active IT and TE for the OEC Module of the Senior Program and eagerly will do whatever is needed to get the job done. As an evaluator, he is fair and always has the best interests of NSP and each individual patroller.

More often, however, this patroller is most known as role model for all who have had the honor of working with him, most often described as the consummate “patrollers’ patroller”.  He does everything in his power to ensure all patrollers successfully perform to the NSP standards, and he does this all with a sense of humor and humanity. 

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