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Dave Coakley

Dave Coakley.jpg

#2           J. David Coakley

Patrol - Mohawk

Joined NSP - 1974

Inducted - June 6, 2008

Dave Coakley is the type of Patroller we all aspire to be. He joined NSP in 1974 as a member of the Mohawk Ski Patrol and has thrown himself into his Ski Patrol career with energy and enthusiasm. Dave started his career by learning everything he could about Ski Patrolling. Within the first ten years of his career he had taken his Avalanche, Mountaineering one and two and had become a Senior. In 1983 Dave was recognized with his National Number #6233. At the time Dave was our Connecticut Region First Aid Advisor. Shortly thereafter the WEC program was created and Dave played a significant role in implementing this new program in our Region. In 1988 Dave took on the role of Region Director and continued in this position until 1991. His organizational skills were put to good use and his easy personality moved our Region toward excellence during his term. After leaving the position of Region Director, many people settle back and become just a regular patroller again. Not Dave. Dave became an OEC Instructor in 1992 and has been instructing in various ways ever since. Dave also became a Senior OEC Trainer/Evaluator. Dave has used, and continues to use his training skills for: his local patrol, the Region Instructors refreshers and the Region OEC refreshers for a great many years. He also continues to be active with the Senior EMM program, helping facilitate activities or helping with clinics. Dave has the complete respect and admiration of Connecticut Region patrollers and many others throughout the Eastern Division. Dave is a thoughtful and calming influence. He uses his engineering trained mind to analyze situations, scenarios, training opportunities and administrative situations to find the very best way to teach, demonstrate, administer or mediate. Lots of patrollers have outstanding training and experience in first aid. They all listen when Dave talks. Dave has clearly been a strong guiding influence through most of the Connecticut Region’s development. The Connecticut Region is what it is, due in a large part to the efforts, energy, talents and personality of Dave Coakley.

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