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Doc Spannaus

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#10         Dr. Fredrick Spannaus MD

Patrol - Patrol – Pahquioque Ski Patrol

Joined NSP - 1965

Inducted October 24, 2010

In 1965 Fred Spannaus, MD joined Pahquioque Ski Patrol in the Connecticut Region. Throughout his career Fred accepted many responsibilities on the patrol and set an excellent example for all patrollers. He served as Patrol Training advisor, Medical advisor, assistant Patrol Director and coordinator between the Patrol and the owners of the ski area. Dr. Spannaus also helped build and test the first Lift Evacuation Equipment for the Ski Area.

Dr. Spannaus had a private medical practice for several years in Danbury, CT then he worked as an Emergency Room physician for 5 or so years after which he was the head of Emergency room services in Griffin Hospital Derby, CT until he retired.

Fred served as the Connecticut Regional Medical Advisor for 17 years and then became Eastern Division Medical advisor for 5 or more years. He attended, evaluated, or advised at all Connecticut Region senior first aid tests during all those years. As Medical Advisor he was always willing to step in and resolve any problem that arose. Everyone called him Doc Spannaus with affection and respect. When Doc spoke, everyone listened.

Fred is one of those unsung patrollers who have contributed a tremendous amount of time and effort for the betterment of the Ski Patrol and the skiing industry.

Dr Fred Spannaus has been a great credit and a valuable asset to the Connecticut Region, the Eastern Division and the National Ski Patrol. The Connecticut Region Hall of Fame would not be complete without Doc Spannaus.

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