COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 is hitting us all pretty hard. One of the most difficult aspects is simply the unknown. We continue to learn more about both the virus and the disease, seemingly on a daily basis. There are many things we will have to rethink as we prepare for our season. How will this impact our training? Our patrol procedures? Our ski area procedures? Our budgets (i.e., more PPE, disposal/management issues, etc.)?

As you can imagine, there have been, and continue to be meetings at all levels of NSP, from local patrols, region, division and national. Please check back here as things are changing rapidly. We will focus on CT Region, and to some extent, Eastern Division activities.


On Monday, May 11, we held a Zoom meeting with our Patrol Leadership and Medical Advisors representing a CT patrol, the CT Region, ENY Region and a patrol in ME. This was a very productive meeting, but for many of us, it was just the first step. It was mostly an opportunity to discuss the current, collective knowledge about the virus from a medical perspective and then an extensive, but by no means exhaustive, discussion regarding how this may impact our ski areas and patrols. While we discussed possible means of keeping everyone safe and minimizing the spread of the coronavirus, we were not yet at the point of creating specific policies and procedures. Part of the reason is that while the medical issues remain universal, this is not a one-size-fits-all solution.


We have all kept in touch since this initial meeting and as we work with our area management and individual patrols, we will develop operational policies and procedures that address our individual situations.


This weekend, there will be a meeting of the newly formed Task Force for Continuity of Operations – Eastern Division (Under Pressure) aka the COOPED UP Task Force. This consists of some of the best minds in the division (our own Paula Knight being one of the members). They will address four basic areas:

  1. Protocols, procedures, PPE, CPR/Respiratory treatment protocols, patient treatment (on the hill and in the aid room)

  2. Training: OEC Courses, teaching and testing; OEC 6 Rollout; refreshers

  3. Financial affairs; dues; other Division management issues

  4. Upcoming meetings and events; NBOD elections


Expect to hear more from them. We will post updates here as news becomes available.


Regionally, we will also be discussing the impact of COVID-19 on our OEC Refresher and candidate training. We will also be meeting with all of our Program Advisors to discuss plans for 2020-21 that may or may not be impacted by COVID-19.


Some valuable resources for timely and reliable information on the coronavirus and COVID-19 are:

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Don & Doff PPE

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State of CT Reopening Guidelines as of May 18, 2020

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