Annual Refersher Requirements

Annually, all Alpine patrollers must be re-certified in 4 areas, specifically:


  1. Medical (OEC) Refresher

  2. CPR (see update below for 2020-21 season changes)

  3. Lift Evacuation

  4. OET toboggan handling

The Medical Refresher is a centralized event to help coordinate the complex logistics of that program.  

CPR and Lift Evacuation recertifications normally take place at the host mountain, and may be coordinated with other patroller events.

OET Toboggan Handling is held once there is enough snow and the conditions allow for proper testing.   This is normally coordinated with the host mountain's hill captains to ensure there are enough certified trainers to assist in the testing.


Updated July 17, 2020

CPR/ BLS requirement modification for the 2020- 2021 season

Based on the special circumstances around the COVID-19 pandemic and requirements for social distancing, for the 2020 – 2021 season, NSP patrollers will not be required to complete the annual CPR skills demonstration, as specified in Section of NSP's Policies & Procedures below. All patrollers must still have current credentials in CPR for the Professional Rescuer from an NSP-approved agency. Patrollers must also meet any local protocols for demonstration from their community or area management. 


The P&Ps ( state that:

Members must be: (1) registered in an OEC class, or (2) hold current credentials in OEC, and CPR for the Professional Rescuer from an NSP-approved agency. Approved agencies for CPR training may be found in the OEC Program appendix. As part of the requirements for annual NSP registration, all patrollers, regardless of classification or office held MUST complete the following ANNUAL requirements:


a.    An Outdoor Emergency Care refresher;

CPR skills demonstration to a certified CPR instructor, regardless of the certifying agency's requirements or the expiration date of the card, and must hold a current "Professional-rescuer CPR certification" from an NSP-approved agency;

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