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Bob Devoe

Bob Devoe.jpg

#4           Robert Devoe

Patrol - Mount Southington

Joined NSP - 1963

Inducted - October 19, 2008

Bob Devoe is one of the hardest working Patrollers to grace the Connecticut Region. Bob joined the Ski Patrol in 1963, the second year of Ski Mount Southington’s existence and worked as a dedicated Patroller involved in all aspects of Ski Patrolling. Bob quickly became a Senior and was a trainer and mentor for many Patrollers in the Connecticut Region. He was both a first aid instructor and a CPR instructor. He was the Patrol Director of Mount Southington Ski Patrol from 1978 until around 1985. During his tenure as PD, Bob and two or three others developed a new method of securing patients to backboards and followed this up with training for the entire patrol in the use of the strapping system they developed. Bob received his national number #5887 in 1981. He assisted with the National Junior Training Seminar at Lake Placid in 1984. Bob was the Connecticut Region newsletter editor for many years. He was Region Director from 1982 to 1988. For many years, Bob maintained the computerized database of patrollers in the region to allow for accurate mailings. Bob could always be found working on some project or process. Although Bob and his wife Lori have retired from Patrolling they are still avid skiers and actively participating members of the Nava Ski Club.

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